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UTZKAWI aims to build an entity capable of making social changes on a regional level.

UTZKAWI is a place where fundamental human rights such as health, education and life are elevated to an innovative, necessary, and revolutionary level. Far from destruction, away from the plundering of resources, away from the expropriation of ideas and dreams, away from injustice and inequality, away from the harsh reality, away from hate and discord; the ultimate goal is to enact meaningful change.

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K’uxiub’al - Sharing Dreams

K’uxiub’al is a Mayan kaqchikel word that describes the union of many small parts to build a well-being together. The K’uxiub’al vision is based on health and disease prevention, focusing on 3 prevailing conditions: respiratory infections, intestinal infections, and malnutrition. UTZKAWI has expanded this priority area of health care, and data collected over the years allowed us to determine the most prevalent diseases. We work with communities to find ways to eliminate these serious conditions. 


K’uxiub’al starts by facing the roots of the problem, and thus is dedicated to improving community interventions to eliminate the hostile conditions that cause them. We seek ways to implement water purification and to optimize healthy, harmonious ways of cooking food in homes to create sustainability and food security. The project focuses on family, specifically the indigenous women, because it is with them that the family will learn.


In every action of the project is integrated education - an education that is created from daily experiences of the community. This is an education accessible to all, especially those excluded by the government, those whose doubts clutter life like butterflies, those who rebel against injustice, a space where the voices of the silent are heard.


K’etejïk - Embracing Change​

The distribution of gender roles in communities has repercussions on many aspects of daily life. Women are relegated to having the number of children that the man desires, and this combined with the misinformation about family planning methods, results in a high birth rate (25-27%).


In indigenous communities, women often navigate sexual relationships with little to no comprehensive healthcare. At their first sexual encounter begins a path that every woman walks with scarce healthcare. Social influences, relegation, discrimination, improvisation, environmental hostility, shortage of health services, and misinformation favor this road as a marathon of survival for both the future mother and child. The precarious public health coverage results in a reduced percentage of women having complete pre- and post- natal care.


The program is dedicated to dignifying reproductive and sexual rights in excluded communities of the region. UTZKAWI strives to create a safe space where women have adequate access to services such as: pap smears, ultrasounds, STD control, family planning methods, labor, cryotherapy and colposcopy, in addition to advocacy and support towards total well-being.


Utzilaj Center - The Ultimate Goal


UTZKAWI​'s ultimate dream is to expand into something bigger, broader, more complex, and magical. The formation of a medical and educational facility covers three parts: health, education, and life. Our goal is to build a completely inclusive and unique hospital, integrating prevention and treatment programs to all communities in all regions of the country. The center will pose an alternative way of doing things; ensure the universal human right to health, respect and dignify existing cultures, offer services of real quality, be ethical, humane, and full of love, focusing on the most vulnerable without any discrimination. 


Learning will be guided toward the continuous generation of new ideas and questions directed at forging better futures. Teaching will be created together based on experiences. It will be an alternative education that will arise from a new world perspective, allowing each child to make their own transformation. Seeds of new and original thought will be planted, and space will be allowed for growth and freedom to flourish in every idea. 


The pieces in the facilities will be connected as one complete center, fitting together harmoniously in their actions, ideas and dreams. 


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