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Due to shortages and high costs, medicine donations are an integral part of the organization and the services we provide. 

What to Donate: antibiotics for children in suspension, antibiotics for adults in tablets (especially cephalosporins), antidiabetics, aspirin low dose 81 mg, antitussives and decongestants in syrup, vaginal antifungal (ova or cream), antiparasitic, prenatal and multivitamins


Supplies & Equipment

Supplies and equipment are needed for the daily operations of our Center. 

What to Donate: gloves, gauze, alcohol, syringes, intravenous catheters, venoset (IV set), antiseptic, glucose test strips, diapers, clamps, dental material, condoms, lubricants, bandages, cotton, pregnancy test, pediatric nebulization masks, humidifier, nebulizer, glucometer, pulse oximeter, anesthesia machine, exam tables, etc. 



Decreasing food insecurity and malnutrition are one of our Center’s main focuses

What to Donate: cereal, beans, corn, rice, vegetables, meat, eggs, noodles, sugar, oatmeal, milk and pediatric formulas. All the resources collected are handled under the nourishment program at primary health care clinics



Thank you for your support! 
Monetary Contributions

We require monetary support to cover operation and administration costs of all the programs. Every donation will positively impact communities directly. Please consider supporting ASSADE by using the PayPal button below to make a one-time donation or make a subscription by using the recurring donation option available on the right.

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