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Utzilaj K’aslmen Winakirem

A phrase that embodies the ultimate goal of UTZKAWI and expresses the search of the harmonious balance between life, humanity, and natural environment. UTZKAWI works to help Mayans attain this balance in life by focusing on health, education and development rights as a transformative action that improves the socio-cultural political life at the Guatemalan highlands. 

Cultivate development of unprotected Mayan children and women through the construction of fundamental rights, establishing an inclusive and participatory context at the individual, family and community level where ideas and feelings flow, forming an oasis of wisdom as a catalyst for improving the quality of life based on a framework of humanism, respect and love.

Build the rights to education and health care for Mayans based on the source forged by the minds and hearts in need of a development framework that allows the integration of wings to unidentified dreams. Build a quality school and a health care center  that embraces the educational, health care and development needs to open new paths of opportunities for the unprotected in a period of less than three years.. 

UTZKAWI directly benefits more than 500 people per month on a variety of health care and educational work. About 400 children and women from vulnerable communities in the region annually benefit from preventive health, development projects, and health education. 

Seek to provide engaging, free education pertinent to the communities we serve through the questioning and understanding of social issues, in a co-responsible and dynamic way. Integrate actions appropriate to their biological, cultural and social characteristics, promoting the principle of equality of opportunities without any discrimination. Our organization considers and integrates culture as the main element to create programs, projects, services and activities.
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