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What are our aims?

Dignifying the Right to Health

Ensure the right to receive comprehensive health care - curative and preventive - for vulnerable communities stricken by an exclusionary, discriminating and alienated system with interests that belittle life.

Health Equity 

Provide quality health care to all communities without any discrimination through integration of quality, respect, equity, equality, justice, inclusion, dignity, innovation, pertinence and passion.


Spreading Health Education

Create participatory education through community synergy for health prevention and development, aimed to find new alternatives to solve problems. Build an alternative model of inclusive health care with indigenous communities based on participatory knowledge-management.

Latest project

Currently focused on receiving and allocating rapid response funding from partner organizations and outside donors aimed at providing crisis support to Guatemalan communities adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As well as reopening the dental clinic and women’s health services with guidelines and protocols in place that keep community members, volunteers, and employees safe.

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